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Residential Testimonials: What Our Residential Customers are Saying.

Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Residential-Testimonial-Hanford-CAI worked with Gary Wells. Anytime I had any problems or complaints, he was right on it. Others, when they sell you a product, they won't have anything to do with you. Or when you're in their store, if they sense you're not going to buy a lot or you're just looking, they ignore you, they don't answer your questions. I don't get that at Robinsons. I was able to bring all kinds of samples home and keep them awhile so I could see if the materials were something I could live with. I could see how the changing light of the day reflected on the materials. That really helps. The installers were nice; they were cordial. I had some hard areas — the curved staircase — so it took a little while for them to do it. I had wood trim and they had to work the carpet into the wood. If some of it came out, they would come right out and fix it. Robinsons stands behind their products. - Teri Zonneveld from Hanford, California


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Residential-Testimonial-Hanford-CAWe always go to Robinsons because of the good service and good prices. They have a better selection than anyone else and they can order, too. The flooring came in for a lot less than we expected. - Debbie Froely from Hanford, California


We hired Robinsons based on their local reputation. Of course, there was a bidding process too, and they were competitive. We were really happy with their work. We loved working with Jeff. - Jan Banks, Sales Manager at The Landing / Flatley Homes in Lemoore, CA


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Residential-Testimonial-Hanford-CACollean Holloway, the sales rep from Robinsons, was really helpful. She knew our needs; she knew what kind of traffic we would have and the kind of flooring we would need. She gave us a nice cleaning kit, which I’ve used and it's very good. Collean also went online to find further information for removing stains. This was just so that I would have the information if I needed it. Robinsons’ staff was always available for us. They would call us back right away or come out to the house. They checked the job frequently to ensure it was correct. In fact, Collean caught an installation mistake: They had laid a thinner padding than we had ordered in two bedrooms. She checked it and made sure her workers fixed it. She told them, "Get the padding they paid for." People now tell me my bedroom carpet is so soft, you can sleep on it. I know Mike Robinson gave us a really good deal, too. We got a bid from a place in Fresno for the same materials and labor — it was a lot higher. I guess that’s why Mike does so much business here. - Kim Verdegaal from Hanford, California


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Commercial Testimonials: What Our Commercial Clients are Saying.

Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Commercial-Testimonial-Leemoore-CAWe always use Mike for everything. One time we didn't use him. It wasn't done properly. The carpet started buckling and a lot of the corners were pulling up. We called Mike back and he fixed everything. We were trying to save a little money and it wasn't worth it. - Joaquin Gonzales, Casino Operations Manager, Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, CA


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Commercial-Testimonial-Harris-Ranch-Inn-and-Restaurent-Coalinga-CAIf we need something to be turned around quickly, we know we can depend on Robinsons. Robinsons has great service, competitive prices, and pays attention to detail, which results in quality carpet installation. Our relationship is not just with the owner, it's also with the staff and the installers. A restaurant is only as good as the cook in the kitchen, and carpets are only as good as your installers. We've seen the same installers in job after job, and they remember exactly how we like something done. We know it will be done the way we like. - Kirk Doyle, General Manager, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant in Coalinga, CA


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Commercial-Testimonial-Harris-Ranch-Inn-Restaurant-CAEverybody at the hotel knows Mike Hurst. He knows exactly the way we want things done. I don't ever remember having to call him back regarding any installation. He knows our expectations. I don't have to worry with Mike; he helps us keep moving forward. We don't have to revisit an installation. When we first built our Triple Crown wing, the general contractor subcontracted the flooring to another outfit. They messed up so badly that we had to close that whole wing down so that Robinsons could fix it. We would have saved money if we had hired Robinsons in the first place. Gary Wells definitely knows how to talk to a customer. He really listens. Others don't listen; they're trying to tell you how to do your business. Gary listens first and then makes some suggestions. I feel real comfortable with him. He knows his product and what his guys are capable of and he's confident. He's good about following through. He takes measurements himself, and then he always gets back to you when he says he's going to. From answering the phone to the end of the installation process, it's seamless, no pun intended. Very professional. - Clay Singleton, Inn Manager, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Commercial-Testimonial-St-Brigid-Catholic-Church-Handford-CARobinsons’ work was masterful. When we pulled up the old flooring, we found that some of the wood was fir instead of oak. Robinsons installed wood that matched the existing aged flooring, matching the width and color tones of the new wood with the old wood. They also carefully combined the angles of the wood. - Fr. Dan Avila, Pastor, St. Brigid Catholic Church in Hanford, CA


Robinsons-Interiors-Carpet-One-Floor-Home-Commercial-Testimonial-Central-Valley-General-Hospital-Hanford-Community-Medical-Center-CAWhen the aging carpet at Hanford Community Medical Center needed to be replaced, we chose Robinsons to assist in the planning and implementation of a very tough job. We chose to replace the carpet with a vinyl product recommended by Mike Robinson. The new carpet had to be removed and the new floors set, and all had to be done while patients were still being cared for. It was quite a challenge. Mike set up his crews to work during the non-busiest hours, usually in the middle of the night; but, he went even further. He made his crews available to work at a moment's notice. A hospital never knows what the occupancy will be from one day to the next and Mike made his crews available to respond immediately when the census dropped and thus causing less disruption to our service. This was a huge benefit to us. Mike is also thoroughly familiar with the needs of our hospital and other health care facilities. He and the project manager, Mike Haile, did an excellent job. - Randy Dodd, Vice President–Support Services, Central Valley General Hospital and Hanford Community Medical Center in Hanford, CA


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